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Freight Policy

Freight Policy

In order to protect you and from freight losses and damages, we ask that you thoroughly review this freight policy and comply with all procedures outlined below.

Customer Responsibilities

Once the delivery has been signed for, all materials solely belong to the customer.
The customer is responsible for all accessorial charges, which consist of, but are not limited to, lift-gate, inside delivery, residential charges, redelivery charges, address corrections, call before delivery, and use of other size vehicles. It is the customer's responsibility to notify of any special routing, delivery instructions, or accessorial fees at the time of the order so the bill can be adjusted accordingly. will not be responsible for special routing or delivery instructions not paid for at the time of the order.
The customer is responsible for moving items into the buildings. By law, the driver is only required to bring the product to the back of the truck or tailgate. They are not responsible for bringing the product in the building. The customer will need to provide assistance in getting it off the truck unless other arrangements are made in advance. This is a standard throughout the shipping industry. If the customer accepts an offer of inside delivery or lift-gate services from the freight company, it is the customer's responsibility to reimburse for the accessorial charges.

Steps to take at time of delivery:

1.Verify Count: Has the entire order been delivered? If any shortage is discovered, note exactly how many cartons are short on the carrier's delivery receipt and have the driver note the shortage on your copy.
2.Carefully Inspect Each Item: Thoroughly examine each item for damage. Open cartons and remove packaging to inspect the products.
3.Refuse Damaged Goods: You must refuse all damaged products. If only part of the delivery is damaged, only refuse those items. Note the refusal on the delivery receipt and on your copy. Immediately contact at 1-888-767-7006 to report damage so items can be replaced. is not responsible for replacing undocumented damaged materials, nor for the removal and disposal of damaged items and packaging.

Return Policy

Standard items may be returned within 10 days of for a full price refund minus freight cost, plus 25% restocking fee.
Products that are made to order cannot be returned.

Guarantee unconditionally supports all our products' and manufacturers' guarantees. To receive specific information about product warranties and guarantees, contact at 1-888-767-7006.

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